Taking great care of your clothes is the way to maintain optimum comfort and life out of your favorite garments. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help you keep your clothes looking great as long as possible …

  • Protect your garments from prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong artificial lights. Why? UV exposure from the sun and artificial lighting will destroy fibers and fade dyes!
  • Never put a garment away for a season without cleaning it. Why? Uneven sweat and oil exposure from use can cause discoloration! A clean condition is the ideal way for storage.
  • Clean multiple pieces of a matching outfit together. Why? You want the set to age together for the most consistent color matching.
  • Fine silks are especially sensitive to sweat discoloration. Get them treated immediately when exposed to prespiration!
  • Spray perfume and hair spray before getting dressed. Why? The alcohol and chemicals in the spray can stain, fade, or discolor your clothes unevenly.
  • If you love the color of your designer denims, have them specifically dry cleaned. Why? It’s the best way to preserve the dye and prevent fading.
  • Never rub stains. Always blot them. Why? You want to gently lift them out, not smear them into the fibers to set in.
  • Never iron stained or worn clothes. Why? You will set in the stain and bake them to a new color shade!
  • Plastic garment bags are provided to protect your garments until they arrively safely to your home. When you put away your clothes, we recommend storing them uncovered or in fabric garment bags for for maximum breathability during long storage.
Just remember, if you’re ever stuck with a difficult stain, bring them in and our experts will help you out!