Elevate Your Laundry Game with Our New Wash, Dry & Fold – Time Saving Plans


Reclaim Time & Embrace Leisure with Lan’s Lapels Elite Wash & Fold Membership Service

In today’s fast-paced world, time has become the most valuable, irreplaceable asset. Balancing between work, family, and personal time can be daunting. Imagine gifting yourself or your loved ones a few extra hours each week. At Lan’s Lapels, we offer just that – an opportunity to invest in time. Our mission is to save you from the chore of laundry, freeing up moments for the things that truly enrich your life.

Laundry is a mundane task that absorbs precious time. From sorting to loading, washing, drying, and folding – every step eats up moments of your day. Now, consider eliminating that task entirely from your routine. Picture using that time for something more enriching – like learning a new skill, spending quality time with family, or simply unwinding with a book or a movie.

It’s perfectly reasonable to want to “wave a magic wand” and make those piles of dirty clothes go away.

Because now you can.

Imagine the difference this makes to everyday life. Your children wearing clothes that are as clean as they are soft. The relief you feel knowing your elderly parents’ laundry is handled professionally, lifting that burden from their routine.

But the real advantage of our service is the gift of time. More time for family dinners, personal fitness, or that long-awaited book on your nightstand. Think of it as an investment. Invest in yourself and your loved ones with a Wash & Fold membership. It’s not just about clean laundry; it’s about reclaiming time for what truly matters. The added bonus? Our membership comes with free pickup and delivery, saving you on gas and the time it takes to travel to and from our stores.


How Safe Is It?

Our Wash & Fold service does more than just clean your clothes. It’s a revolution in garment care. The Ozone Laundry System not only cleans but sanitizes your clothes, ensuring they are odor-free and allergen-free. It’s like filling your home with freshness with each clean load

Safety is a top priority for us, just as it is for your family. Our team is working hard to provide the highest levels of safety and sanitization. That’s why you never have to visit our store for Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry Service if you don’t feel comfortable. Just put your VIP laundry bag on your porch and our driver will pick it up, then deliver it back to you. Free of charge!

But if you want to visit our store? We’d love to see you again!

Don’t worry. All 3 of our locations offer touch-free service, for your safety and convenience. We’re following the CDC guidelines for sanitary service.

Protect Your Immune System

It’s true, based on research from the Mayo Clinic!

“Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity,” according to the Mayo Clinic. But the same researchers found that positive thoughts can release chemicals in your brain that help fight serious illnesses.

Now, if you need a positive thought, just think about how good it feels to have someone else wash, dry and fold your laundry!

But don’t spend too much time thinking about this, because Charter Memberships are available for a limited time. Your low monthly rates will NEVER go up if you enroll today. Cancel or change your membership anytime.

Do You...

… overwhelmed by the amount of work that piles up in a day, leading to stress and burnout?

…find yourself constantly running out of time to accomplish your daily tasks and responsibilities?

…often neglect your personal well-being and leisure time due to a jam-packed schedule?

…wish you had more hours in a day to spend with your loved ones, pursue a hobby, or simply unwind?

…struggle to find time to take care of essential yet time-consuming tasks like laundry, contributing to your stress levels?

What Do Our Clients Say?     

Experience the convenience of a truly tailored laundry service.

Free Up Your Time with Our Convenient Wash, Dry, and Fold Laundry Services!

Are you tired of spending hours doing laundry every week? Let us help you take the load off with our fast and convenient wash, dry, and fold laundry services.

Our expert team of laundry professionals will handle your laundry with care, washing and drying your clothes to perfection and folding them neatly and sorted for easy storage. With our affordable prices and quick turnaround times, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try our services sooner.

By choosing Lan’s Lapels, you can enjoy more free time to do the things you love while we take care of your laundry. Whether you’re a busy parent, a hard-working professional, or just want to free up your weekends, our wash, dry, and fold services are the perfect solution.

Embrace the freedom to focus on what you love, while we take care of your laundry.

Subscribe to our service and now your laundry is done, without lifting a finger, or leaving the house. It comes with FREE Home Pickup and Delivery for all your everyday clothing. Save some gas and the time to come to the store too!

Your clothes are returned clean, sanitized, odor-free, non-allergenic (thanks to our Ozone Laundry System) and neatly folded!

Not sure? Don’t worry! You can change your membership or cancel anytime! No contracts. No commitments.

On Demand


10 lbs minimum with free pickup and delivery. Why not save a lot more when you join with a membership below?

On Demand


10 lbs minimum with free pickup and delivery. Why not save a lot more when you join with a membership below?